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Melissa Manning-Moore 

Melissa is a graduate of East Carolina University with A Bachelor of Art Degree in Illistration and Graphic design. She currently teaches Art in her home town of Washington NC. She has won many awards and honorable mentions in several art exhibits throughout North Carolina. She is a very talented portrait artist, jewelry designer, painter and ceramic artist. She does portraits per request by commission.   If you are interested in setting up an appointment with Melissa to discuss a commissioned piece contact us at Brave by emailing us at  with your name and phone number and we will have her contact you.

Angela Kesler Deiss

Angela Deiss has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in photography / Graphic Design from East Carolina University. She is currently a full time Paramedic and does her artwork on her days off.  She currently enjoys doing photography with alternative processes, painting,  jewelery design,  ceramic art and textile art. 

Laura Smith

Laura Smith lives in Raleigh, NC, and is a volleyball mom, a wife, and a ball of creative energy.  She started Two Funny Birds in 2014 and named the business after the nickname that she gave her two daughters - her "two funny birds" - Kelsey and Chloe.  Kelsey helps with jewelry design while Chloe helps with the technology side of the business.

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Mary Stewart Barber

(MS Barber) is an “amateur” local artist residing in Mystic, Ct.  Mystic is a small New England town nestled on the Mystic River in Southeastern, Ct.  It is home to The Mystic Seaport Museum, and The Mystic Aquarium which attract thousands of tourists each year.  Sailing, kayaking, fishing and canoeing are also popular activities for this very popular tourist destination. 

Mary Stewart is particularly inspired by the wide variety of local flora and vegetation that proliferate in this seaside environment. Although the winters can be very cold, there is still plenty of interesting scenery to photograph and paint during the “dormant” snowy season.

Mary Stewart’s husband, Max does the photography for her paintings.  He also teaches astronomy and captain’s a variety of boats at The Mystic Seaport Museum

When not painting, Mary Stewart teaches small Yoga classes and conducts private Pilates sessions. 

Having spent the month of October on Emerald Isle, NC., (2011 – 2016) Mary Stewart has also captured the shoreline of this beautiful coast on canvas.


Rosalie Young

I have lived in the Mechanicsville area since 2001 and began making jewelry in 2010. I’m a sewer but couldn’t rest embellishing my creations with beads, and that’s how I started to teach myself the basic stitches. I am mostly self-taught but have taken many classes here in Richmond and in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. Learning to create jewelry is a natural expression of my faith and my gratitude for this wonderful life. My biggest love is bead embroidery, but I also work with wire, metals and resin. I love the challenge of learning new stitches and new jewelry fabrication techniques. I am married with two grown kids, grandkids, and have a house full of cats and dogs.

Daphne Maxwell Reid

People remember her as “Aunt Vivian” from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Throughout my years of work on television, she traveled the world and captured images of portals, doors, gates and architectural details, some of which have sparked a strong emotional response in her; they awakened the sense of wonder and curiosity that took her back to her childhood when she was endlessly exploring what was behind the many doors that surrounded her. The time has come for her to share her photographic eye with you. She hopes to awaken your childhood sense of wonder and curiosity with “Daphne Maxwell Reid’s Fresh Prints®” a collection of signed DIGITAL PRINTSNOTE CARDS, and four BOOKS that share with you the stories of the journeys that have taken her around the world, as well a one book of memories in the form of a cookbook.